The best Skyblock Minecraft servers of 2021


The best Skyblock Minecraft servers of 2021

In Minecraft Servers, the Skyblock is one of those game modes that seem to be an all-time and one of the favorites with fans of Minecraft for many years now. But over the years, we have witnessed the servers and their game modes evolving through various plugins that are incredibly efficient and modern. This growth has led to some refreshingly cool and new features for gameplay.

Skyblock servers in Minecraft allow players to initiate play on an island afloat. And to begin with, they get a modest amount of resources. Players typically construct a generator out of cobblestone and build a farm of sorts to progress and survive. They will, in time, level up and grow their island as they keep playing.

If you live for the skyblock game mode in Minecraft, you have reached the right place. The 5 best Skyblock Minecraft Server list is small in number to make your choice more refined. Please note that these servers are compatible with the latest version of Minecraft. They witness hundred of players at a time and boasts of a dynamic team. Most importantly, they have frequently undergone an update in 2021.

Please note the list in is no order of rank or quality and are all equally smashing.

Here they go!

1.     ExtremeCraft


ExtremeCraft is an awesome Minecraft server that offers multiple game modes, and amongst those is a supreme-quality skyblock server.

It has established many distinct improvements and modifications to its default game mode on skyblock so that players get a more delightful experience. Some of the updated features that come along the same are island teams, auction system on items across the server, events for PvP, and crate keys.

2.     PvPwars


PvPwars has a substantial network for Minecraft servers and offers the players the joy of playing with two popular and distinct skyblock servers.

When you are on the network on PvPwars playing skyblock, you will indeed get all the game's usual features, but you can also expect to get much more. Some of the skyblock PvPwars Minecraft server's specific features are island spawners, mob arena, and an exciting feature called mob coins.

But above all, the most appealing feature of the skyblock PvPwars is getting the shot to earn real money. It makes sure to reward its top players with quite a sum by the end of every month. And this feature makes it a formidable contender amongst other servers as it rules out the competition with the real-money reward approach.

3.     Mox MC


Mox MC is the essence of the classic and original skyblock Minecraft server but modern enough to contest in 2021. This server is ideal if you are looking for something straightforward and the usual gameplay design to play with ease as you learn and grasp.

Mox MC is home to hundreds of players at a time, and all of them have their own island of skyblock that they can visit at any given time. The USP of this skyblock Minecraft server is that players can tread on their chosen path along with their island from the very start.

Mox MC also gives its players the leverage to start their shop, build a farm, make a casino, or anything else they want after joining. All of these perks come without the need for those time-consuming tutorials and challenging gameplay needs.

4.     Hypixel


Hypixel is one of the most common and undoubtedly the most popular Minecraft servers that almost all Minecraft players must have come across at one point or another in their Minecraft lifetime. It is the biggest amongst all the Minecraft servers in the world and observes over a hundred thousand players during the prime time of the day.

It is so popular that it has partnered with the biggest names in creating content to advance and record its game mode for skyblock, such as Nullzee, Technoblade, and TommyInnit, amongst many others. Hypixel can give other servers a run for their money with its features on gameplay. Players can opt for their paths as their skills level up with the help of progression-based mechanics.

Another remarkable aspect of Hypixel is that players can make real money by trading items, farming, quest completion, boss battle combat, and so much more.

5.     Cosmic Sky


Cosmic Sky is not the conventional skyblock Minecraft server and offers a rather offbeat experience. And that's why it may not suit everyone's taste buds, for many are accustomed to the classic style of skyblock.

But if you are a skilled player and adept with skyblock mechanics, this Minecraft server will give you a whole new exciting experience. That's because Cosmic Sky comes with unusual skyblock features such as island minions, island challenges, and coinflip features that allow gambling. Some well-known YouTubers that play Cosmic Sky are Vikkstar123, PrestonPlayz, and MrWoofless, amongst many others.