Creative servers


Creative servers

Minecraft creative servers tend to focus on the building aspects of the game, allowing players to freely construct anything they desire alongside hundreds of other gamers.

Players will have access to various server plugins, such as WorldEdit, VoxelSniper and Schematics, if they are good Minecraft creative servers. This is extremely useful because builders won't have to install mods themselves.

Large worlds packed with hundreds of amazing builds are what make Minecraft the best creative/building servers.

Mox IP:

MoxMC has a variety of social building tools for players. To instantly be assigned a piece of land, players need to type “/plot Auto” upon joining the server.

Entering “/warpplots” will take players back to the vast plot universe, where they can admire, learn and get inspired by the thousands of epic builds left by others. is the server IP address

MCVantage IP:

MCVantage was founded in 2020 and is a small server. In recent years, it has seen some popularity. It supports a wide range of game modes, including creative, making it a great choice for those looking to build a tight-knit community.

It also aims to give all players free access to powerful building tools like WorldEdit, Arceon and VoxelSniper. Schematics is another option.

MCVantage supports Java Edition as well as Bedrock Edition. This allows players to connect to their preferred version on any device.

Server IP Address:

Edawg 878 IP :

Edawg878 is a well-known name among long-time Minecrafters. It is one of the most creative Minecraft servers. It was established almost 10 years ago.

Although it has lost some of its original glory, the server remains a great choice for players looking for a server that is fun and builds community. It also features heavy roleplaying elements.

Server IP Address:

Creative Fun IP:

Creative Fun is a place for players who are interested in building Minecraft servers.

Creative Fun has many attractive features that builders will love, as you would expect. These include huge plots measuring 512×512 pixels, roleplay names and WorldEdit. There is even an anti-grief/rollback system that allows players to build with confidence.

Server IP Address:

Builders Refuge IP:

Builders Refuge is a creative server highly regarded by the Minecraft building community.

Builders Refuge is a professional Minecraft server that was built from the ground up. The server has all the most recent and best build tools, including WorldEdit and VoxelSniper as well as goPaint and goBrush.

Builders Refuge's custom-developed export and import feature for schematics is perhaps the best part of Builders Refuge. This feature allows players to easily download large builds and upload them via the website.

Server IP Address: